Napa Valley Young Adults.
Find COMMUNITY. Encounter GOD. Discover your PURPOSE.

EMERGE Young Adults & College ministry exists so that 18-25ish year olds can
find COMMUNITY, encounter GOD
discover their PURPOSE.

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Tyler & Kara 

Get to know the pastors!

Tyler & Kara Lowe have been married for 14 years. They have two little boys, Jonah and Bear. They have been in ministry together for 17 years and have always had a huge heart for the young adult community. Tyler graduated from SUM Bible College and now runs a cohort of SUM on the Hillside campus. They have lived in Napa and served on the Hillside Staff since 2016. Kara is a worship leader and over sees EMERGE's production and marketing. Their desire is to share the gospel to college students and young adults, through biblically sound doctrine, in fun and creative ways.  They believe that no one should "walk alone".

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